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Dr. Lewis URIRI is a Zimbabwean lawyer practising as an Advocate (Barrister) at the de facto Harare Independent Referral Bar. Lewis keeps rooms at The Temple Bar where he is Head of Chambers, and whose members affiliate to the Bar Association called the Zimbabwe Inns of Court. He is the founding President of the Zimbabwe Inns of Court.

Lewis takes work strictly on referral from attorneys and Chattered Accountants in purely tax advisory matters. He is on the list of Arbitrators maintained by the Commercial Arbitration Centre in Harare. He is one of Zimbabwe's designated four representatives on the International Committee for the Settlement of Investments Disputes (ICSID) established by the World Bank. Lewis has a growing interest in investment law, business transactions law, and different aspects of commercial and corporate law practice and litigation. He also has a keen interest in civil rights and liberties as well constitutional litigation. He has participated in legal proceedings in Zimbabwe, South Africa, the United Kingdom and before regional and international tribunals.

Lewis' started off as an intern at Honey & Blanckenberg, Zimbabwe's oldest firm of attorneys and one of most established commercial and general practice law firms in the country. In 2001 Lewis joined that firm as an associate before making partnership in 2003. He left Honey & Blanckenberg in August 2007. During his stay at Honey & Blanckenberg Lewis was involved in litigation and advisory work on wide ranging matters including civil rights and liberties; commercial and corporate transactions and litigation and transnational litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Lewis commenced his career at the de facto in September 2007. He maintained rooms at the Advocates' Chambers which he served initially as secretary and subsequently as treasurer. He also served on the Bar Council, the management executive committee of the Bar Association of Zimbabwe. In 2013 Lewis was part of a team that established The Chambers which he served as the founding Head of Chambers. In 2017, Lewis was again part of a team that spearheaded the internationalisation of the Bar and established the Zimbabwe Inns of Court, whose first set of Inns of Court is the Temple Bar. 

Lewis is a former academic at the University of Zimbabwe where he taught in the Department of Private Law and the Department of Procedural Law. He is Chairperson of the Faculty of Advocacy Trainers of the Zimbabwe Council for Legal Education, as well as a member of the Law Society of Zimbabwe Faculty of Advocacy Trainers specialising in the training of trainers. He is one of the Editors of the Zimbabwe Law Reports. He is a member of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights and Advocates  International.  

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